Booking Form

Please note: Payment is due with your booking form. Individuals booking a course will need to make arrangements for payment to GMDSS Training.

If an Invoice is required, payment is due no later than 28 days prior to course start date. Please call if this is not possible.

If you require any additional information regarding the course please contact Roger Taylor on 00 44 (0)333 121 2182​

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is due no later than 14 days after the issue of an invoice (or on booking if less than 28 days prior to the course start date), should you cancel less than 28 days prior to the course start date, no refund of your course fee will be due. However, you will be offered alternative dates to attend the course.
  2. In the event that your course is cancelled, we will offer you alternative dates if alternative dates cannot be agreed, then we will refund any course or exam fees that you or your employer have paid.
  3. This booking form constitutes a contract between yourself and GMDSS training for the provision of the course described in this form and on our website.
  4. Attendance on the course does not guarantee your entry into the examination nor is there a guarantee that you will pass the examination.
  5. Fees for the examination can be paid in advance or on the day/day before the examination, and will be given directly to the examiner, who will issue a receipt. The examining body make a small charge for using a credit card to pay the examination fee.
  6. Attendance on all the required training days is required in order for you to be entered for the examination.
  7. All tutors and examiners meet the requirements of the relevant awarding bodies.
  8. Your personal information will only be stored and used in line with Data Protection Legislation and our data protection policy which is available on request.
  9. Whilst attending your chosen course you are required to behave in a way that meets the requirements of the Health and Safety Policy and is conducive to learning for you and other participants.
  10. GMDSS Training reserves the right to ask you to leave a course if your behaviour fails to meet the above standard. You will forfeit any course fees paid but any examination fees paid will be returned.
  11. Normally a course requires a minimum of two students, however, for the payment of a single supplement the course can run with one individual.